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Website Audio - Video Encoding and Publication Services

Advertising with Video

With Video you can create fast-loading multimedia files that are viewable by over 96% of Internet users without a download, which makes them ideal for advertising.
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Streaming Videos/Audio are the best way to create multimedia web-based advertising, because your audience will be able to see your ads (including video ads!) without having to download a special player or plug-in. With our video encoding you can:

bullet Stream video and/or audio to over 96% of browsers without a download - even through corporate firewalls! If the user can view a web page they can view your Flash advertisement, even if it contains video!
bullet Easily insert links into your ads
bullet Play your video in customized and branded players
bullet Take advantage of all the interactivity and design features inherent in Flash

And the Flash player also loads much faster than any other rich media player, which means your end users will get to see the video right away - before they click away.

Rich media is a far more effective way to market on the web than traditional methods. If a picture is worth a thousand words, think of the power of video.

"DoubleClick's ad serving data reveals a major variance in the click-through rates of rich media ads (2.4%), which is six times higher than non-rich media ads (0.4%)."

According to Patrick Spargur of SF Interactive, a digital marketing company, which recently launched a rich media advertising campaign on CNet using encoded video, the video ads surpassed CNET's average by about 400%. States Spargur,

"The initial click rate on the ad was as high as 4.9%, averaging 2.75% over the life of the campaign. CNET's average click rate for this ad format is about 1.9%. That means we surpassed CNET's average by about 400%. Of those who clicked on the ad, up to 14% continued to interact with it-an all-time record for this ad format. The video was the number-one draw."

Video is an eye-catching addition to any advertising campaign. And if you're already creating video/audio advertising, online rich media marketing enables you to maintain an integrated campaign in which your message and image are consistent across multiple media formats.

You can add video, with or without sound, or sound alone. You can also easily add controls such as play, pause, rewind, fast forward, mute and volume.

Light Speed Networks is pleased to offer it's clients Services for Video production for their website.

The Newest Craze on the Internet Live Video, and Video Broadcasting, sometime known as Podcasting is now a reality. With more and More users moving to Broadband, the Bandwidth to support full motion video on a website is truly a reality.

Our Hosting services provide a great platform with plenty of throughput to insure services to all your potential clients. The old saying, "A Picture is worth a thousand words", can now be stated as "and a Video is worth a Million!".

See our Video Demo Page for a look at what is possible with website Encoding.

Prices for Video encoding into the Very Popular FLV and SWF Format are quite reasonable. This file type uses the standard Macromedia Player that is installed on most browsers and used by all the top systems. We can take your AVI, or other Video file and convert it into a small file size with built in Player interface and implement it in your website design.

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