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Website Search Engine Creation and Management

Are users of your website lost? Add a search engine so they can find your contentOnce clients find your website how do they find the information they are looking for?

Most people find websites through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, AOL, or MSN, but once they find your site how do they find the information they are looking for on it.

Just as they used a Search Engine to find your website, they need a Search capability within your site to find the information they are looking for quickly. Adding a Search Engine to your site is not as difficult as it may seem with our help. We have a Search engine creation and management service that can add a complete search engine system to your new or existing website.

Because our Search Engine creation uses its own database engine optimized for the searching purposes, there is NO setup required on the domain server. All we need to do is upload the files created by us and the search is ready to be used! We then just add a search box to you web pages and you're ready to go.

We can also include a Custom Search Box, Search Results page, and Updated Search databases as needed. If your website is fairly dynamic then the search engine databases will need to be updated on a regular basis. For static sites the databases will only need to be updated when content is added or changed. If you have Website Maintenance set up with us we can do this as part of the regular maintenance to your website.

Some of the Features of our Search Engine Creation Services.

bulletWorks with any existing hosting solution
bulletEasy installation of the search engine on your site
bulletGenerate search for a wide range of targets (web site, intranet or offline search)
bulletIndexes static & dynamic HTML pages (e.g. PHP, ASP, CGI, JSP, Cold Fusion), PDF documents, MS Office documents
bullet4 unique ways of scanning a web site: HTTP crawler / FTP / local/network disk / XML file
bulletNo information about the program on search pages
bulletHigh Performance
bulletEasy to get started -- We can build a search engine in a few days
bulletEasy integration with existing web site
bulletFully flexible formatting of search results
bulletPeriodic updates of databases
bulletContent preview of search results
bulletPhrase search
bulletAdvanced Boolean search (using AND, OR, NOT and parentheses)
bulletWildcard search capability
bulletSearch box appearance and options can be customized
bulletResult filtering based on documents' creation date, type or URL
bulletForeign language support
bulletSmall database size
bulletMultiple database sets
bulletFTP upload of files
bulletCustomizable result ranking
bulletCross-browser compatibility
bulletWorks with frame-based or frameless configurations
bulletInformative and clear user interface
bulletPassword manager for indexing protected areas
bulletIndexing of multiple websites
bulletCompliance with robots.txt
bulletUTF-8 support
bulletCrawling of Flash-based sites possible

If you want us to create a website search engine for your site please contact us concerning pricing.

Please contact us for more information!

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