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don't be lost in the crowd we make adverting on the web easyTargeted Pay Per Click Advertising PPC

This intensive program is for businesses serious about quickly improving their sales, marketing, and traffic results over the internet. For over five years we've been creating high performing search engine marketing campaigns that are setup professionally and continuously managed to ensure optimal results. As a valued client, your business will consistently attract large volumes of highly qualified prospects directly to your website... at the lowest possible cost. For those who are already utilizing pay-per-click listings, but would like to increase the effectiveness of these campaign(s), we optimize and manage existing pay-per-click accounts.

Our pay-per-click campaign setup and management includes

  • Creation of optimized search engine marketing campaigns in Google Adwords, MSN, and Yahoo (was Overture). Your site will receive highly targeted visitors from Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Ask Jeeves (now just "ASK), Netscape, Earthlink, AltaVista, DogPile, Lycos, and all other major search engines.

  • We will establish your accounts with numerous targeted keywords derived from your initial input and our ongoing in-depth keyword research. To maximize the effectiveness of these keywords, we match each keyword type with unlimited unique ads and landing pages. We will apply local targeting if applicable.

  • All new accounts will receive $125.00 applied toward your click budget. Your search engine listings will begin appearing within 1 to 2 days of signing up.

  • Every week you will receive a detailed keyword activity report showing all visitor clicks and related data. We analyze this information and provide suggestions and observations that will help to continually improve the campaign.

  • Unlmited phone and/or email support and consultation throughout the time of your campaign.

  • Prices start at only $299.00. For a free consultation to discuss how we can help, Please call us at 925-952-9110 or utilize the form below and we will contact you promptly

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What are Pay Per Click Listings?
A Pay-Per-Click (PPC) listing (also called Sponsored Listings), is a search engine advertising methodology online businesses use to ensure that their site is placed at the top of major search engines when particular keywords are searched. In general, the higher amount you bid, the closer to the top of the search pages your site is placed; therefore, your site will have increased exposure, and will be more likely to generate targeted hits.

Sponsored pay per click advertisingPPC campaigns can be very effective, but if the account is not setup and managed to target the best keywords at the best price-per-click, these campaigns can be very costly and ineffective. Continuous keyword development and proactive management of the campaign ad descriptions help to make sponsored listings operate at their most efficient level.

Where do PPC Listings appear?
Pay-Per-Click listings will appear on all the major search engines including Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, AltaVista, Hot Bot, Excite, DogPile, DMOZ, Look Smart, AllTheWeb, Lycos, IWON, Netscape, NBCI, Overture,, CNBC, CNN, InfoSpace, and more. Sponsored listings normally appear at the top, right, and bottom of the organic (non pay per click) listings. Here is an example of where sponsored listings appear:

How do they work?
Once the best-targeted keywords for your business are determined, an account must be set up and funded for those keywords. This allows you to pay for each person who clicks on your PPC sponsored listing. Your account is debited for the clicks you incur as charged by Google and Overture (we never "markup" the costs per click, you are charged directly by Overture and/or Google). Click cost expenditures can be controlled by applying daily, weekly, or monthly budget amounts.

When the accounts are set up, it is important to regularly monitor (which we do for you) the effectiveness of the keywords, ads, and the amounts you're bidding. It's imperative to continually research additional targeted keywords that are worth adding to your account. In addition, it's very important to delete or revise keywords that do not perform.

Getting Started:
Whether you are brand new to pay-per-click campaigns or are already using them, our targeted sponsored listing setup, optimization and management services are the best way to minimize your spend and maximize your results. If you are interested in discussing how we can help, please fill out the Contact Us or the Request for located above.

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