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Launguage translation serviceWebsite, Web Page, and Document Translation Services

Light Speed Networks can also provide authentic translations with rapid turnaround. We can manage your corporate material in whatever format and deliver the professional translations of the highest quality. Translated and localized web site design services an enormous advantage to any organization seeking to tap the global marketplace.

Modern communications technology enables easy access to information on a truly worldwide basis.
Think whether you should limit yourself by just a web site design and leave yourself unknown to the greatest part of the world who speaks other languages? If your business needs to be represented internationally your web development plans will go further than just ordering a web site design. A translated and localized web site provides an enormous advantage to any organization seeking to tap the global marketplace.

Web translation into just four key languages - Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese - opens up a web site to hundreds of millions of potential customers around the world. Let's take the following example:

A software company is looking for an opportunity to sell its product worldwide and needs to have the on-screen instructions for that product translated into many different languages. Further, they wish to enable customers worldwide to place orders via the web in order to save on administration costs and time. Translation services costs will sure pay off.

In addition to offering visitors from different regions a source of information regarding available products and services, a fully translated and localized web site indicates a professional and well organized approach to international business. Light Speed Networks offers professional translation services helping its clients to demonstrate a clear commitment to their current and potential customers in every world market.

Languages Supported


Pricing starts at just $20 per Web Page. Graphics and Images with Imbedded text may cost extra. You will be advised of any additional costs before we start.

Our translation services specialists are available to fulfill your web site translation projects, whether you have a one-off requirement or require translations on a regular basis.  Please feel free to contact us at

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